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Ready to save money on your monthly commercial electric bill? Not yesterday, not tomorrow but NOW is a great time. Here at SunPower by High Energy Solar We deliver a total energy solution for businesses, schools, Non-Profits, Office Buildings, Auto dealerships, and Healthcare facilities with innovative solar technology and financial solutions.

There are many benefits of installing solar panels. From lowering operating expenses by reducing your utility bill to significantly reduce your tax liability, it is a good investment. It can improve the image of a company by highlighting its sustainability efforts. 

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Commercial solar and storage solutions from SunPower deliver more value and reliable long-term savings—a foundation upon which you can stake your energy future.

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SunPower® Helix® platform - A revolution in commercial solar

What happens when an entire organization works well together? Efficiencies soar. Output increases. Goals are reached. That’s the power of seamless integration and the inspiration behind SunPower® Helix® commercial solar systems.

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Carport installations

SunPower® carports make an elegant statement on sustainability while providing the luxury of shaded parking for employees and customers.


Rooftop installations

SunPower's versatile system configurations meet a wide range of energy goals—from maximizing your IRR to maximizing the NPV of your investment.


Ground installations

SunPower's extensive power plant experience facilitates on-site or off-site installations, optimizing land and system size to meet your energy needs.


Increase your electricity savings with energy storage

Simplify your path to lower energy costs with SunPower® Storage Solutions, a complete energy storage solution that can reduce utility bills and increase utilization of renewable energy. Available with or without solar, SunPower Storage Solutions bring you to the cutting edge of energy technology.


System performance monitoring and reporting

SunPower® EnergyLink® monitoring software provides detailed energy insights across all of your SunPower installations, including grid consumption savings in conjunction with SunPower® Storage Solutions.

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